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Exceptional Student Services

Maricopa Unified School District is committed to meeting the unique needs of all students in the least restrictive environment by offering a continuum of special education programs and related services.

If you are in need of specific information regarding our services and programs, please contact the appropriate person listed below
or by Fax: (520) 568-5107.


We continue to provide our community with opportunities to screen young children with scheduled Child Find Screenings. If you feel that your child may have a developmental delay and qualify as a student with a disability, MUSD offers free screenings based on a child's cognitive, motor, language, social/emotional, and adaptive skills.  We will hold Early Childhood Special Education screenings for children ages three to five years old with suspected developmental delays. 

Please call 520-568-5100 ext. 1057 to schedule an appointment.  Appointments will be made starting at 9:00 am.  Last appointments will be scheduled for 12:40 pm.  All appointments are booked on a first come, first serve basis.  If you miss your scheduled appointment, you will be rescheduled for the next available appointment which may or may not be on the same day.

  • Friday, December 7
  • Friday, January 18
  • Friday, February 15Image of several kids looking up
  • Friday, March 8
  • Friday, April 12
  • Friday, May 10
  • Tuesday, June 11

If you would like your child to be considered as a "role model or typical" student in our tuition-based program, please call for an appointment at a Child Find screening.

Early Intervention is the key to a successful start! 

Come grow with us! We offer exceptional learning opportunities for every student!

Resource/Inclusion Program is for students with disabilities that require specially designed instruction that can the home school staff can provide. These students have varying learning abilities. They may demonstrate behaviors that interfere with learning,significant sensory needs that may require environmental adaptations, difficulty in executive functioning and organization. These students may struggle with math, reading and/or writing, meta-cognitive skills, self-determination, or advocacy and require a variety of research-based methods of instruction. Some students may require minimal related services.

Related Services are for students who need educationally related therapies (speech, occupational, physical therapies, adapted physical education, or counseling). These may occur alone or in conjunction with specialized instruction.

EDP Program is a district-based program for students who meet the eligibility criteria of emotionally disabled. These students have varying learning abilities, adaptive behaviors, and limited processing ability. They demonstrate behaviors that interfere to a significant degree and over a marked period-of-time with learning, may possess significant sensory needs that may require environmental adaptations, difficulty in executive functioning, and organization.

Structured Teaching Program is for students with, or may have, below to average cognitive abilities and exhibit characteristics of autism spectrum disorders. These students have varying learning abilities. These students may struggle with reading and/or writing and require research-based language, reading, and writing instruction in a highly structured teaching model.

Functional Skills, Life Skills, and Independent Skills Programs are for students with developmental delays. Learning characteristics of students requiring this level of service typically have significant cognitive disabilities with deficits in social skills and/or adaptive behavior skills. Students may also have communication and motor delays.

Life Skills Program is for secondary students with significant cognitive and disabilities and who may be eligible for the AZ Alternate Academic Assessments. Students have significantly below average academic skills and require an alternate curriculum that focuses on life skill development for post high school transition. Students may have broad language deficits, difficulty with organization and study skills, and difficulty with self-determination and self-advocacy. Students may also have communication and motor delays.

Developmental Preschool is for children ages three to five, who experience delays or other disabilities and typically developmental students who play and learn together in the same classroom. Tuition is required for typical peers. The State of Arizona Department of Health Services licenses preschool programs.


Director of ESS Maria Rosetti 

Maria Rosetti (formerly Sapelli)


(520)568-5100 ext. 1018


 ESS Administrative Assistant Jennifer Brannon  

Jennifer Brannon 

Medicaid Coordinator

(520) 568-5100  ext. 1057


Preschool & Elementary Program Specialist Danielle Bambling

Danielle Bambling

Preschool & Elementary Program Specialist

(520) 568-5100 ext. 1054



Patricia Cook

Secondary & Transition Program Specialist

(520) 568-5100 ext. 1055


Preschool Evaluator Jennifer Oakley

Jennifer Oakley

Preschool Evaluator

(520) 568-5100 ext. 1061


Preschool Evaluator & Speech Language Pathologist Heather Zirpel

 Heather Zirpel

Preschool Evaluator & Speech Language Pathologist

(520) 568-5100 ext. 1061


 ESS Records Clerk Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer Gibson

ESS Records Clerk

(520) 568-5100 ext. 1017


 ESS Records Clerk Janelle Mason-Henagar Janelle Mason-Henagar

ESS Records Clerk

(520) 568-5100 ext. 1016







44150 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy | Maricopa, AZ 85138 | (520) 568-5100

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The Maricopa Unified School District is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website for students, parents, and members of the community with disabilities. Please call (520)568-5100 for website support.