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If you have a technology issue please use the following steps:


  • Use your MUSD email address to enter
  • If you have never submitted a SchoolDude before, Please register for an account by clicking the down arrow on the SchoolDude webpage
  • Fill in all required information, you will not be able to submit until all required information is supplied
  • In Step 2 "Location" use the drop down arrow to find your site
  • If you check to remember your entries it will associate that information with your email address. However, if you work at multiple sites do not check this box.
  • In Step 4 please be as descriptive as possible and give as much detail as possible
  • One item per incident
  • In Step 5 Most equipment has an asset tag with a red stripe on it, use that number for the tag number if no number is found use xxxxx
  • In Step 6 if you have a screen shot or additional information you can include it here
  • In Step 7 use "password" as the default password
  • Click on Submit to go to the next page
  • Click Here to enter the request page 


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