Dr. Steve Chestnut

Dr. Steve Chestnut is the Superintendent of the Maricopa Unified School District, where he was appointed in 2012. During his tenure, the district has increased its letter grade from “C” to “B”, implemented a unique academic focus at each school, and last November the community approved a ten percent override proposal. He was the 2010 Washington State Superintendent of the Year. 


Guidelines for MUSD Meals and Snacks

Guidelines for MUSD Staff and Community Meals and Snacks


Objective: Provide guidance process for allowable meals and snacks for MUSD staff, community and grant recipients.


Source Documentation:

  1. Unified System of Financial Reporting
  2. Arizona Revised Statutes
  3. State of Arizona – Office of the Attorney General
  4. Office of Management and Budget


Types of meals, snacks, beverages and refreshments:

1) Staff, Parents and Community working breakfasts, lunches and dinners

  • While working through any meal, staff can be fed on District Facilities, but will need to be taxed through the payroll process, per contractual language.

  • Community and parents can be fed and this is considered a legal expense while in a District led meeting as long as the District receives direct benefits of that participation.


2) Snacks, beverages and refreshments during District onsite workshops and conferences

  • The District can provide community and parents snacks, beverages, and refreshments while attending District sponsored onsite workshops and conferences.

  • The District can provide Staff snacks, beverages, and refreshments of nominal value while attending onsite workshops, conferences and meetings per employee contracts.


3) Grant activities that require outreach efforts

  • The District can provide community and parents meals, snacks, beverages, and refreshments while participating in outreach efforts as long as the approved grant identifies the expense as an allowable expense.

  • The District may provide staff and parents meals, snacks, beverages, and refreshments while participating in school activities in which the school receives direct benefits.   


Butterfield Elementary School

Maricopa Elementary

Pima Butte Elementary

Saddleback Elementary

Santa Cruz Elementary

Santa Rosa Elementary



Desert Wind Middle School

Maricopa Wells Middle School


Maricopa High School



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