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Meals and Snacks Guidelines

Objective: Provide guidance process for allowable meals and snacks for MUSD staff, community and grant recipients.

Source Documentation:

  1. Unified System of Financial Reporting
  2. Arizona Revised Statutes
  3. State of Arizona – Office of the Attorney General
  4. Office of Management and Budget

Types of meals, snacks, beverages and refreshments:

1) Staff, Parents and Community working breakfasts, lunches and dinners

  • While working through any meal, staff can be fed on District Facilities, but will need to be taxed through the payroll process, per contractual language.

  • Community and parents can be fed and this is considered a legal expense while in a District led meeting as long as the District receives direct benefits of that participation.

2) Snacks, beverages and refreshments during District onsite workshops and conferences

  • The District can provide community and parents snacks, beverages, and refreshments while attending District sponsored onsite workshops and conferences.

  • The District can provide Staff snacks, beverages, and refreshments of nominal value while attending onsite workshops, conferences and meetings per employee contracts.

3) Grant activities that require outreach efforts

  • The District can provide community and parents meals, snacks, beverages, and refreshments while participating in outreach efforts as long as the approved grant identifies the expense as an allowable expense.

  • The District may provide staff and parents meals, snacks, beverages, and refreshments while participating in school activities in which the school receives direct benefits.   

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