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MUSD Taking steps to Stop the Spread of Virus

The Maricopa Unified School District is taking steps to stop the spread of any cold or flu virus, including the enterovirus.  A parent toolkit entitled "Information for Parents Regarding Enterovirus and Upper Respiratory Illness" has been placed on each school's website. As Marilyn Wyant, MUSD Director of Health Services stated, hand washing is the main defense in stopping the spread of virus: "the key is lots of soap, water, and 20 seconds of good friction. Sing the ABC or Happy Birthday song twice while you wash to equal 20 seconds." Beginning Monday, Ocotber 20th, each school will increase the amount of required hand washing. 
Parents/guardians are also asked to do the following: 1) teach your child not to share food or drinks with others; 2) avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth; 3) use good hand washing techniques; 4) keep your child home when she/he is ill; 5) communicate with your school every time your child is ill; 6) if your child has asthma or active airway disease inform the school nurse - update your child's health plan and have medication at school in the event of illness; 7) have a backup plan for care and pickup of your child when she/he is ill - quickly removing them from the school decreases risk of spreading the illness to other students.
If you have questions or need further information please contact Marilyn Wyant, MUSD Director of Health Services at 520-568-5100, or at

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