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Footprints to the Past

     On Friday, October 24th, over 100 second grade students at Butterfield Elementary School participated in a “Footprints to the Past” project. In this semester-long project, the students developed a relationship with a senior citizen in the Maricopa community to discuss and analyze what life was like for that senior citizen when they were a young child. Over 40 senior citizens of Maricopa came to the event. Students were asked to develop questions that they could use during the interview, such as, “What type of technology did you have as a child?” and discussions took place on how different life is in 2014 compared to when the senior citizens grew up. Throughout the semester the students will make a timeline, a variety of thinking maps, and will incorporate technology, reading, writing and social studies to explain the difference between past, present, and future time. Senior citizens (“grandmas” and “grandpas” as referred to by the students) brought toys, games and magazines from their childhood. This proved to be a learning experience not only for the second graders, but for the grandmas and grandpas as well. The students will also have the opportunity to visit with their senior citizen in December as well to have a discussion on comparing and contrasting life now and then. This project fit into Butterfield Elementary STEAM focus (a focus on the subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts and math to prepare students for college and future careers) by using all of these core subjects to reflect and analyze past, present and future with placing a heavy emphasis on the difference of technology then and now. The second grade teachers are using this activity this semester as an opportunity to use project work and learning where the curriculum skills are abundantly practiced and applied. The children enjoyed learning and discovering on their own and from the senior citizens. The teachers enjoyed watching, listening, collaborating, facilitating, and participating in this learning process. The process of learning, practicing, and meeting the state standards became an interactive, purposeful, and enjoyable experience for the students, teachers and senior citizens of Maricopa.

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