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Arizona Future Cities Competition

During the week of January 5th through the 9th, academic teams from Maricopa Wells and Desert Wind Middle Schools’ MUSD 20+1 classes met to compete in the local Arizona Future Cities Competition.  As a result of the local judging, 16 teams will advance to the Arizona Future Cities Regional Competition to be held at Arizona State University’s Memorial Union on Saturday January 17th.  The competition begins at 7:00 am for the students.      


Kenko Toshi - Emma Lee Morano, Evan Grace, Emma Schrader, Aman Mahant (PM)

Diamant de l'Arizona - Joseph Rice, Elise Brown Thunder, Emily Cordero, Sarah Skrnich (PM)

Lake of Hope -Nikki Watson, Jordan Robertson, Jessica McGee

Nueva Era - Michael Hildick, Andres Martinez, Kassidy Rigby, Katrina Riddell (PM)

Arable - Caitlyn Goldner, Travis Daniel, Kobi Weimer, Jose Arroyo (PM)

Genoa  - Nicholas Perez, Elias Brown Thunder, Connor Witte, Gabriel Thornsbury (PM)

Kunst van de Oogst - Jordan McGee, Morgan Martin, Megan Hahn, Trevor Thompson (PM)

Matamis - Daxton Redfern, Bryan Pick, Jacquelyn Bui, Clarissa Sauceda (PM)



Alto Granja - Ruth Sherwood, Rainie Sanders, D'Avion Cyprian

Para Dar - Alyssa Huffman, Sydney McDill, Aniya Windsor, Shane Sexton (pm)

Juwel - Savannah Shelabarger, Ana Hopped, Isabel Younicutt, Riley Bell-Nicer (pm)

Piao Yuan Gong - Henry McCloskey, Parker Hunsaker, Jonah Benson, Matthew Whitely (pm)

Rio Ventoso - Alex Kramarczyk, Skylar Dugan, Deborah Stenzel, David Henderson (pm)

Wai Wai Lepo - Jade McAnelly, David Luna, Brendan Collins 

Ayiana - Logen Thomas, Brian Petersheim, Landen Thomas, Ryan Stuart (pm)

Mt. Barre des Ecrins - Anthony Krella, Lyn Muriuki, Daisy Leal, Kale Norris (pm)


MUSD 20+1 Teacher Robyn Rice stated, “We are extremely proud of ALL of our students.  Although not all of the groups will continue to the Arizona competition, they all worked equally hard and learned a lot!”

The Maricopa Unified School District is proud of the accomplishments of these middle school students and their teachers.  For more information about MUSD 20+1, please visit our website at (Maricopa Wells Middle School 520.568.7100 or Desert Wind Middle School 520.568.7110).   

 “Future City Competition, a national STEM-based competition provides a fun and experiential challenge for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.  Future Cities was developed to help middle school students discover and foster interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics during the critical years of their education.”

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