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Blended Learning programs from Maricopa Wells and Desert Wind on a one-day field trip to Disneyland

The Blended Learning programs at Maricopa Wells and Desert Wind Middle Schools went on a one-day field trip to Disneyland on Friday, May 8th. The charter buses left at 1:00am on Friday morning and returned to Maricopa at 7:00 am Saturday morning.  There were 78 students who attended, 49 from MWMS and 29 from DWMS.  Teachers supervising the trip included Shannon Hull, Jennifer Szoltysik, Suzanne Petersheim, Robyn Rice, Joseph Szoltysik, and Janell Hudson. The students participated in fundraising throughout the year to earn the money for transportation. They held a rummage sale, sold concessions and participated in various other activities to earn $6,500 to charter two buses for the trip. Students were given the opportunity to fundraise the cost of the admission ticket through a rocket building project that combined Desert Wind and Maricopa Wells students.  The rocket project was funded through a grant from General Dynamics. The field trip to Disneyland was the culminating activity for projects that the students worked on throughout the year.  The students had to maintain good grades and behavior to be eligible for the trip, as well as participate in fundraising events.  The trip was a lot of fun for all of the students.  It took at great deal of community involvement and financial support to make this trip possible.  The students are grateful for all of the support!

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