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Message from Principal- Dr. Robinson

  • Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Thank you for choosing Maricopa Elementary School, a Leader in Me Lighthouse School.

    We need your help! Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey about our teachers and school. Please complete 1 survey for each school in the district where your children attend. For your convenience, we have created a link for the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MES18-19

    Scholar Led Conferences are scheduled for April 3, 2019. We look forward to seeing you. We are very proud of our scholars as they reflect on their learning, leadership roles, practicing the seven habits and discuss their goals and progress with you. Report cards will be given out at this time. If you are unable to join us, please contact your child’s teacher and set up another time to meet.

    Do you know our school WIGS (Wildly Important Goals)? 80% of MES scholars will meet their expected growth in Reading & Math and 95% of MES scholars will be present and on time for school. How does your scholar’s WIG help our school WIGS? Have you asked them about their WIG lately?

    In an effort to keep you informed we are sending out attendance updates. You will receive the first notice when your child has missed 3 days of school. A second notice will go out if your child has missed 6 days of school. A final notice will go out if your child has missed ten or more days. Once your child has missed ten or more days, we will ask you to set up a meeting with Dr. Robinson and your child’s teacher to discuss options to ensure your child is successful.

    During March, we are focusing on Habit 6 – Synergize. To put it simply Synergize means, “Two heads are better than one.” Synergize is the habit of creative cooperation. It is teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems but it doesn’t just happen on its own. It’s a process, and through that process, people bring all their personal experience and expertise to the table. Together, they can produce far better results that they could individually. Synergy lets us discover jointly things we are much less likely to discover by ourselves. It is the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    I encourage you to find a time to meet as a family and have a discussion around the following habit 6 questions: Why is it so important to synergize? Who have you seen synergizing? What did they do? What are some ways you can synergize? What have you done lately that involved synergizing with other people? How can “synergizing” be something you do with your family?

    Safety is a top priority on our campus. A new safety feature being implemented in our district called SafeSchools Alert.  You can now use this new alert system to notify our administrative team of any safety concerns you may have about our campus.  We encourage you and your children to use this system to play an active part in school safety by reporting incidents of vandalism, bullying, suspicious activity, or any other concerning behavior you feel may need to be addressed.  SafeSchools Alert allows you to report in five convenient ways:

    By APP -  just search for “SafeSchools Alert” in the App on your mobile phone
    By PHONE: by calling 833.284.6770
    By TEXT: by texting your tip to 833.284.6770
    By EMAIL: 1679@alert1.us
    Or by WEB at http://1679.alert1.us

    Please use our district code, 1679, in your report to ensure it is routed to our administrative team.  We are proud to add another resource to our families to help promote school safety.  Of course, we still encourage and welcome all other types of communication between you and our team to make certain that we are addressing any concerns you have as they arise.

    Together, we will support each and every child’s growth throughout the year.

    Yours in Education,

    Dr. Jennifer Robinson