• Our Mission

    Maricopa High School is a fast-growing, comprehensive high school serving close to 2100 students! We may seem large, but we've been around for over 50 years. Our outstanding academic, extracurricular, and service record speaks for the quality of our school and the education we offer.

    We have a large number of advanced placement courses, fine arts courses, and career and technical education courses, as well as standard core classes. Students can earn one of two types of diplomas: a regular diploma or a scholastic diploma. We have 16 athletic programs, and we compete in the 5A Region for sports.

    Maricopa High School History

    Maricopa High School is a high school in Maricopa, Arizona under the jurisdiction of the Maricopa Unified School District.

    Maricopa High School was opened in 1959 and for the next decade, it held fewer than 100 students. At the height of the Baby Boom era, Maricopa peaked in 1976 with 218 students. It next surpassed that in 1985, when the school had 221 students. At the end of 1999, the school had some 306 students.

    The 2000s were a decade of stunning growth in Pinal County (which saw 109% growth) and especially Maricopa (which grew 4,180%).[4] In 2000, Maricopa had 308 students. That jumped quickly (within five years) to 551, then to 1190 by October 2007, and 1612 in October 2010.  As of 2018, Maricopa High School's current enrollment is over 2300 students.

    Past MHS students and staff

    Mission Statement

    Maricopa High School: preparing today's learners for tomorrow's opportunities.

    Our Beliefs

    The Maricopa School Community prepares life-long learners and is totally committed, accepting, giving, and forgiving. Our staff is committed to student excellence. Our students are engaged in learning environments that assure continued achievement in school and throughout their lives. We believe that all students can learn. Students should know it is their job to learn.

    Our Goals

    All students will improve their academic achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics.