• Open Enrollment

  • Open Enrollment is an opportunity for students to apply for admission to any Maricopa Unified School, based on available space.  Students who reside within MUSD boundaries may also use open enrollment to change from their default school.

    Arizona state law allows students to apply for admission to any public school through open enrollment and provides schools with additional guidance. A.R.S. 15.816.01 acceptance is based on the school’s grade level and program capacity, and meeting all admission requirements. 

    Students are expected to abide by the rules, standards and policies of MUSD and, as an open-enrollment student, it is important that these standards be adhered to in order to maintain open enrollment status. JFB Open Enrollment Policy

    To apply for Open Enrollment please complete an Open Enrollment Application.  For further questions regarding Open Enrollment, contact Tracey Pastor, Director of Administrative Services at tpastor@musd20.org.

Open Enrollment Policy

  • Maricopa Unified School District has an open-enrollment program as set forth in A.R.S. 15-816 et seq. The open enrollment program described in this policy shall be placed on the District website and made available to the public on request.

    No tuition shall be charged for open enrollment, except as authorized by applicable provisions of A.R.S.15-764, 15-797, 15-823,15-824, and 15-825.

  • Definitions

  • Enrollment Options

  • Information and Application

  • Capacity

  • Enrollment Priorities

  • Admission Standards

  • Notification

  • Transportation of Students Admitted Through Open Enrollment

  • Exception

  • Reassignment

  • Adopted: January 10, 2018