• Gifted and Talented Education

Upcoming Testing

  • The CogAT assessment will be administered during the fall testing window from August 30, 2021 through September 3, 2021. If you wish for your child to be tested, please contact their homeroom teacher.  All forms are due to Zoe Redfern by Friday, August 27, 2021. Parent Evaluation and Consent Form.

    The spring CogAT testing window will be February 14-18, 2022.  All forms are due to Zoe Redfern by Monday, February 7, 2022.

  • Mission Statement

    The MUSD Gifted Program’s mission is to offer a broad base of experiences to identified students.  By providing a qualitatively differentiated curriculum, this program facilitates the growth of students as independent, life-long learners, with the development of skills, concepts and positive attitudes within the cognitive, emotional and social domains. A major goal of the curriculum should be the teaching and practice of thinking skills at all levels of the hierarchy. 

    Philosophy Statement

    The philosophy of the MUSD Gifted Program is to meet the diversified cognitive, emotional, and social needs of talented and gifted students, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, socioeconomic status, or physical ability.
    Since there are great differences between students’ abilities, special educational provisions are often necessary for those students whose needs cannot adequately be met through the standard curriculum. This program is intended to create an environment in which deliberate efforts are made to recognize students’ emerging strengths, talents, and interests and then nurture them through appropriate and challenging educational experiences. 


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