• Native American Program

  • Dear Native American Parents and Guardians, 

    Each year, the MUSD Native American Education program puts out a survey designed to help gather input from parents of Native American children relative to district and school educational programs and activities. Please answer each question honestly. The results of the survey will be discussed with the Native American Parent Advisory members and data will be shared with the MUSD leadership team. 
    We appreciate your feedback! 
    Dr. Mona Berry
  • Maricopa Unified School District's goal is to encourage all Native American students to reach their maximum potential and to help make their educational experience positive and rewarding.

    It is our belief that parent and community involvement are essential for a student's educational development. Working together, we can provide the best environment and opportunities for our children to meet challenging academic standards.

    Our Title VI Native American Education program utilizes funding from the Federal Government in order to provide services for eligible Native American students who are currently enrolled in MUSD. Eligible students are those who have a completed 506 form on file with the Native American Education Program office. If your child does not have a tribal enrollment number, parent or grandparent numbers are accepted. Enrollment information will only be used as documentation for grant purposes. 506 forms are available at your child's school and the NAEP office.



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