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    School Hours

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    8:10 am - 3:10 pm

    Early Release Days & Wednesday

    8:10 am - 1:10 pm

School and Office Hours

  • The office at MES is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from  7:40 am - 3:40 pm and on Wednesday from 7:40 pm - 2:00 pm. 

    We accept new scholar enrollment forms from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

    Classes run from 8:10 am to 3:10 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Every Wednesday is early release at 1:10 pm. 

    The cafeteria opens for breakfast at 7:40 am.  All scholars should enter through the cafeteria doors nearest the "Student Drop Off" parking lot and should head to class when the warning bell rings at 8:05.  Any scholars not in class when the 8:10 bell rings will be considered tardy.