• Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

  • A blend of traditional instruction, online instruction, & project-based learning where students can work at their own pace, but still must adhere to due dates/times. Students can receive one-on-one instruction from teachers. Students work cooperatively with others & build a strong work ethic. They learn to research effectively and independently, as well as valuable presentation skills. In addition, students learn about different technologies & how to responsibly utilize them. Blended Learning is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

What Qualities Do Blended Learning Students Need to Have?

  • Blended Learning Students need to be:

    • Responsible
    • Independent
    • Self-motivated
    • Hardworking
    • Organized
    • Problem Solvers
    • Cooperative workers

Application Process

  • Please complete the Blended Learning Application to be considered for this Signature Program. Completed applications should be turned in to the front office.

    DWMS Blended Learning Application