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  • Did you know that there’s an easy way to help our schools that won’t cost you anything? The Arizona Tax Law allows taxpayers to receive a tax credit of up to $400 for donating money to certain public school programs. This allows you to donate to the program of your choice and then receive a dollar for dollar tax credit! This deduction is a “win – win” situation for taxpayers, and the District encourages each resident to consider this financially savvy opportunity.

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    Who is eligible?

    All Arizona individual taxpayers are eligible to participate, regardless of whether they have children in school or not. An individual can contribute any amount up to $200, and a couple filing jointly may contribute up to $400.

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  • Can I designate where my money goes?

    Yes! You can choose which school to donate to and which activity or activities you’d like to support. Your donation must go toward an extracurricular activity at a school, which includes any school-sponsored activity that requires enrolled students to pay fees in order to participate.

    How do I donate?

    Simply write a check, or donate online, for any amount up to $200 if you file taxes individually, and up to $400 if you are a couple filing jointly. Make the check out to any of our schools listed above or to Maricopa Unified School District. You can designate an extracurricular activity if you’d like. Send the check to our district office:

    Maricopa Unified School - District Office
    44150 West Maricopa/Casa Grande Highway
    Maricopa, AZ 85138

    For more information about how you and the District can benefit from this program, please call (520) 568-5100.

    We appreciate your support!

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