Supplies / Materials*

Maricopa Unified School District’s Goal is to:

    • Promote student behaviors that stop the spread of COVID-19.
    • Keep students and staff safe.
  • CDC Guidelines

    Allow additional space for seating/desks to allow for physical distancing. CDC recommends at least six feet apart when feasible.

  • MUSD Practices

    • Classrooms will be set up to best maintain social distancing. Whenever possible, desks should be at least 6 feet apart or as far apart within the space available.   
    • Each student's belongings will be kept separate from other students’ belongings. 
    • Each child will receive their own supplies to be kept at their desk. 
    • Students materials and manipulatives will be cleaned after each use. 
    • No cloth material will be used in the classroom (curtains, stuffed animals, cloth furniture or wall coverings).
  • *Subject to change