• Bus Routes

  • Alternate Routes

    Any locations not specified on this list that are located on dirt or that are posted as closed by the county or city or are not accessible without passing through a running wash, please go to a location on this list that is closest to your home.

    The alternate stop locations will be as follows:

    • If Vekol Wash is running at the Val Vista Rd, Ralston Rd, Farrell Rd, and Hwy 238 crossings, transportation will not be provided to the Northwest Corridor of the district.
    • North Hidden Valley, Central Hidden Valley, Hwy 238 @ Rio Bravo - Rio Bravo Rd 50 ft south of the RR tracks on the east side of the road.
    • Anglin Dairy – Acacia Crossings
    • Gunsmoke @ Magnolia – Desert Passages
    • U of A Farms – Rancho Mirage
    • Hidden Valley South – Teal @ Warren
    • Murphy Rd (9-12) – Tortosa (west roundabout)
                       (K-8) – Please transport to/from your registered campus.

    On any day when the roads are considered impassable for buses, the buses will not travel on dirt roads or through running washes.
    If you have any questions, please contact the transportation office at: 520-568-5100, then dial “1” for transportation.

    Thank you,
    MUSD Transportation Staff