• Meal Drop-Off Locations

  • Lunch Drop Off Locations
    11:00am to 12:30pm

    1. Mountain View Comm. Church- 50881 W Papago Rd

    2. The Apartments- Poplar@Miller

    3. Hidden Valley Central- Fulcar@Hidden Valley

    4. Hidden Valley North- Smith Enke@Rio Bravo

    5. Ak-Chin Antone Memorial Park- 46851 W Farrell Rd

    6. Ak-Chin Farms- Barley@Pecan Lane

    7. Cobblestone- @Pool Area

    8. Homestead- Homestead Park@Continental

    9. Desert Passage- Pool Area off Lococo

    10. Rancho Mirage Park@Nina- N Rancho Mirage Blvd Just south of Nina St.

    11. Sorrento @Sorrento Park- 37267 N Fiano Rd