• Maricopa Accelerated Program (MAP)

    Serving Kindergarten and First Grade Students 

    Classes located at Saddleback Elementary School

    Maricopa Accelerated Program. Serving grades K through 1 at Saddleback Elementary

    Maricopa Accelerated Program is a full-day program designed for kids and families interested in a rigorous experience that places students on an accelerated path to school success.  Specially trained certified teachers deliver instruction to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and advanced reading skills so that students work above grade level. 


Program Benefits

    • Deeper conceptual understanding
    • Self-directed learning
    • Post-secondary success
    • Increased creativity and productivity 
    • Enriched instruction
    • Increased coverage of grade level content 

Program Features

    • Academically accelerated
    • Certified teachers
    • Research-based curriculum
    • Above grade level delivery of instruction and assessment
    • Extended learning opportunities 
    • Progressive acceleration in future grade levels
    • Open enrollment
  • Contact us at 520-568-6110