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    The Graphic Design instructional program prepares students to use technical expertise, creativity, and esthetic principles to design and create visual concepts that meet specific commercial or promotional needs, as well as inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. Students who successfully complete the Graphic Design program’s coherent sequence of instruction will develop an in-depth understanding of the operation and maintenance of specialized computer hardware and design-related technology tools; the principles and elements of design; digital imaging; typographical concepts and techniques; page layout and design; and the role of the graphic designer. Graphic Design students will explore the history and societal and economic impact of the graphic design industry and will examine legal and ethical considerations and business best practices unique to graphic design and related industries. Throughout the Graphic Design instructional program, students learn and practice valuable real-world skills using industry standard graphic design software to create professional-grade design projects.

    Program Location:

    Maricopa High School

    Median Salary Range:

    $29,000 - $69,000

    Similar Careers:

    • Art Directors
    • Craft and Fine Artists
    • Desktop Publishers
    • Drafters
    • Illustrators
    • Industrial Designers
    • Special Effects Artists and Animators
    • Technical Writers
    • Web Developers and Digital Designers

    Holland Codes:

    • R- Realistic
    • A- Artistic
    • E- Enterprising


    • SkillsUSA 2018 - Art for the Heart - 8th Place Community Service, National
    • SkillsUSA 2018 - Art for the Heart - 1st Place Community Service, State
    • SkillsUSA 2018 - Art for the Heart - 1st Place Community Service, Regional
    • SkillsUSA 2018 - Sarah Skrinich - Top 10 Graphic Design, Region
    • SkillsUSA 2018 - Katelyn Dayley - Top 10 Graphic Design, Region


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    The Internship program allows students in the Graphic Design program to expand upon their education and practical skills in a real world setting. Students, under the direct supervision of a professional graphic designer, media director, or other industry professional.  

    • InMaricopa Magazine Graphic Design
    • Maricopa Unified School District, Public Relations/Media 
    • City of Maricopa, Public Relations/Media
    • Impressive Imaging, Printing and Document Management


    Adobe Certified Associate - Graphic Design & Illustration, Illustrator 
    Adobe Certified Associate - Visual Design, Photoshop 
    Adobe Certified Associate - Print & Digital Media Publication, InDesign
    Adobe Certified Associate - Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, After Effects


    • Art for the Heart - Art & Fine Crafts Festival, Benefiting the American Heart Association
    • MHS Graphic Muse- Logo Design, Printing, Graphic Design, custom projects

    Advisory Board:

    Kristen Chapman - M Group Scenic, Design Team Lead
    Cynthia Portrey - City of Maricopa Cultural Affairs and Arts Committee, Member
    Robert Kistler - Impressive Imaging, Owner
    Mishell Terry - Maricopa Unified School District #20, Communications Director
    Nathan Ullyot - City of Maricopa, Community Service - Director
    Christina Kemper - Prior Graphic Designer for 15 years
    Travis Orion - City of Maricopa, Graphic Designer
    Adam Wolfe - City of Maricopa, Public Information Officer
    Brady Stamps - Program Alumni
    Katelyn Dayley - Program Alumni
    Ray Simpson - Printing Company, Owner
    Peggy Chapados - Special Events Coordinator
    Susan Taterson - Central Arizona College, Digital Media Department Chair


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