Education Professions

  • Program Description

    Education Professions prepares students for employment opportunities in the education field. The program provides instruction in a fun and hands-on approach in educational career choices, education structure and systems, theory, pedagogy, developmental stages, learning styles, and methodology. The program also provides interactive experiences with students at different age levels in elementary and middle schools in a variety of content areas.

    Program Location:

    Desert Sunrise High School
    Maricopa High School

    Median Salary Range:

    $50,000 - $64,000

    Similar Careers:

    Elementary Teacher
    Middle School Teacher
    Preschool teacher
    Preschool Director
    Special Education teacher
    School Social Worker
    School Counselors
    Speech Pathologist
    Grant Writer
    Curriculum Design

    Holland Code:

    A (Artistic), S (Social), E (Enterprising)

    CTSO/Student Organization: 

    Educators Rising is a nationwide organization that inspires high school students to explore teaching and develop the skills of great teachers through scenario-based competitions and professional development and leadership opportunities.


    Students will begin internships in their first year of Education Professions. Internships will be done at MUSD preschools, elementary schools and middle schools. 

    Dual Enrollment:

    Year 1-Education Professions I  (EDU 221 and 222)
    Year 2- Education Professions II (EDU 225 and 228)
    Year 3- Education Professions III (EDU 230 and 240)
    Year 4- Education Professions Internship 


    Para Pro Certificate
    Associates of Applied Science
    CPR training
    First-Aid training


    Ed Professions Parents Night Out

    Advisory Board:

    Marlene Armstrong, Administration, Maricopa High School
    Megan Purvis, Director of Student Services, Central Arizona College
    Pat Wilson, Preschool Teacher, Saddleback Elementary School
    Paul Krigbaum, PE teacher, Maricopa Elementary School 
    Amy Rogers, Community Member
    Kristen Krueger, Elementary Teacher, Butterfield Elementary School

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