• Immunization

  • To help protect your child, Arizona state law requires all students to be completely immunized before attending school. Arrangements for immunizations can be made through your family physician or with the county health department. The law allows for exemptions. However, the County Health Department may request that we exclude children who have not been immunized from school in the event of an epidemic. Special forms, available in the health office, must be completed as an exception to the immunization requirement.

    The Health Services Department page has the most up-to-date information regarding immunizations.

    The following resources for additional information regarding the health and wellbeing of your children are available on the Arizona Department of Health Services website.

    New Requirement for Personal Immunization Exemptions

    Effective January 1, 2019, the Arizona Department of Health Services went live with their new online personal exemption immunization program. 265 schools were selected across the State of Arizona to pilot the program before the law is fully implemented. All MUSD elementary and middle schools were selected by ADHS to participate. MUSD health services staff can no longer accept or provide parents with the paper form for a personal immunization(s) exemption. Parents must go online to complete the course and present the online exemption form to the school.

    MUSD has computers set aside for parents who would like to complete the course and print the form at school. Staff have been trained to assist you if you need computer support or have questions. Please contact the school health office your child attends or is enrolling at for additional personal exemption information. You may complete the course from your own computer using this link. If you lack printing capability, you may e-mail your school nurse the form and she can print it for you. You will be required to sign the form before your child can enroll.