• Preschool

  • Maricopa Unified School District #20 (MUSD) offers exemplary preschool programs that will help your child develop a foundation for future learning. Our three programs are designed to meet the needs of both typically developing preschoolers and preschoolers with exceptional needs. 
    Preschool Students

    All programs use a developmentally appropriate curriculum that encourages children to be actively involved in their learning. There is a balance of large and small group activities that promote the development of the whole child.

    We utilize the Arizona Early Learning Standards to develop skills in the eight major content areas: Social and Emotional Development, Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Physical Development, Science Exploration, Social Studies and the Creative Arts.

    MUSD Preschool Programs are the perfect choice and opportunity for your preschool child to develop readiness skills!

Our Mission

  • Our certified, early educators are staff who inspire curiosity, build problem-solving skills and self-esteem, and foster a love for learning in our children with a nurturing and play-based environment.

Our Vision

  • Bring teachers, parents and community together to educate and improve the lives of children and their families.

Our Goal

    • Provide quality, foundational early learning experiences 
    • Provide loving, safe and nurturing early childhood environments
    • Build self-esteem 
    • Develop creativity and the joy of learning 
    • Expand communication and language skills 
    • Cultivate academic skills 
    • Develop fine and gross motor skills 
    • Foster self-control and responsibilities  
    • Develop problem solving and decision making skills 
    • Encourage concerns for others 

Which Preschool is Right For Your Child?

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