Dream. Learn. Become.

  • The Maricopa Unified School District in Maricopa, Arizona is located near Phoenix and serves students in Maricopa and the surrounding areas. Our district is proud of our dedicated and high-quality teachers and our outstanding facilities.


  • The mission of the Maricopa Unified School District is to ensure all students achieve excellence by preparing them to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens who value innovation and global diversity. 

    We believe:

    1. Students are our highest priority. 
    2. In providing a safe learning environment.
    3. In strong partnerships with teachers, support staff, administrators, parents/families and the community. 
    4. In meeting the individual educational needs of each student. 
    5. In helping students develop the skills they need to achieve their potential. 
    6. Excellence is achieved by maintaining high expectations. 
    7. Academic success requires accountability. 


  • Maricopa Unified - A community dedicated to student success