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  • Classroom Teachers

    Armstrong, Mary Science
    Blaszkowski, Staci 7th Grade Math
    Brown, JoAnne 8th Grade Science
    Cabral, Heather 6th Grade Social Studies
    Caroselli, Linette 8th Grade English Language Arts
    Dein, Carolyn ESS Math
    Dittmar, Hans 8th Grade Math
    Edelson, Herman Special Education
    Fallstead, Bobbie 6th Grade Math Tiger Prep
    Hoellwarth, Marci ELL ELA 6th, 7th and 8th Grade
    Hull, Shannon Blended Learning
    Jenkins, Andrea Choir / Drama
    Johnson, Lara 6th & 7th Grade Science
    Julian, David Physical Education
    Lee, Larry 6th Grade Math
    Legendre, L. Art
    Nechamkin, Evan Physical Education
    Poyser, William 7th Grade Science
    Roderick, Emily Desert Wind Middle School
    Smith, Yadira Spanish
    Sponaugle, Britney 6th Grade English Language Arts
    Steelman, Danielle 6th Grade Tiger Prep Math
    Stringer, Abby School Counselor 6th Grade
    Szoltysik, Jennifer Blended Learning
    Titus, Jennifer Blended Learning
    Turik, Kasey Blended Learning
    Vila, Lisha 8th Grade Social Studies
    Wagner, Roger Instrumental Music
    Witte, Jacque Blended Learning
    Young, Earshline ESS / ELA Resource Teacher

    Related Services

    Stemmle, Brittany Speech Pathologist
    Baird, Danielle Counselor
    Foster, David ISS Teacher
    Hunt, Courtney School Psychologist
    Keller, Jaclyn ESS Counselor

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