Santa Cruz PTO

  • On behalf of the PTO, we would like to welcome everyone back to school. You ask what is PTO?
    PTO stands for Parent-Teacher Organization which consists of parents and teachers working
    together to share their care and concern for Santa Cruz students. The PTO supports school staff,
    helps promote student self-esteem, and assists the schools' needs through volunteering and

    What is the PTO?

    The Board of the PTO shall consist of the following officers: Sarah Armstrong - President,
    Aseneth Sanchez - Vice President, Katie Page - Secretary and Alisha McAnelly - Treasurer.
    Lastly, we must not forget to mention our wonderful teachers, staff and volunteers.
    Who can be a Member?
    Membership is free and open to all adult members of the community whose children attend Santa
    Cruz Elementary. If you're a father, mother, guardian, and/or a person who teachers or instructs at
    Santa Cruz, then we would like you to become a member.

    PTO Programs & Fundraising

    Our primary objective as a PTO is to provide and sponsor our school with funds, resources~and events
    that will enrich, maximize and benefit the children of Santa Cruz. To meet this important objective,
    we fundraise. Here are a few programs that we sponsor and/or support: Box Top
    collections/competitions, Annual Fall Math Inspired Festival, Annual Fali & Spring Book Fairs, Spring
    Carnival, Teacher Appreciation Week, Field D.ay, Water Day and a variety of other fundraisers
    throughout the year.

    Become a Volunteer ... Why YOU should get involved!

    As you can see, we are a small and busy group, so this is where you come in! We'd like your help and
    so do your child(ren}. Here at Santa Cruz, we strive for excellence and what better way than to
    become involved! We are seeking volunteers to continue with growing the organization. We have
    planned some exciting events this year in hopes to get more parents involved in their children's
    education. The PTO is a team effort in which we cannot succeed on our own. Because with· YOU. we
    make a difference. Please come and join us by signing up today!