Governing Board

  • The following MUSD policies, exhibits and regulations have been updated:  
    IHB - Special Instructional Programs
    IHB-R - Special Instructional Programs (Identification and Placement of Excetptional Students)
    IHB-E - Special Instructional Programs Procedual Safeguards Notice
    IHBA-RB - Special Instructional Programs and Accommodations for Disabled Students
    IMD - School Ceremonies and Observances
    JEB - Entrance Age Requirements
    JICK - Student Bullying/Harassment/intimidation
    JICK-R - Student Bullying/Harassment/intimidation
    JICK-EA - Student Bullying/Harassment/intimidation Complaint Form
    JICK-EB - Student Bullying/Harassment/intimidation (To be displayed in school buildings and in student handbooks)
    JJIB - Interscholastic Sports
    JL - Student Wellness
    JLCB-E - Immunization of Students
    JLCD - Medicines/Administering Medicines to Students
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