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    Thank you for your interest in the Maricopa Unified School District!   Providing quality Guest Teachers and Substitute Staff for our students is among our top priorities.

    Maricopa Unified and Smartschoolsplus, Inc. have developed a community partnership to better serve the needs of our District.  The District now contracts all substitute services through smartschoolsplus.inc.  

    Smartschoolsplus, Inc. was founded in 2002 by educators and is family-owned and operated.  They have served over 120 Districts and Charters throughout Arizona and known as Arizona’s Leader in Phased Retirement and Guest Teacher Services. 

    Their Talent Management Program allows districts, such as Maricopa, an efficient tool to utilize to assist during legislative mandates and tight budget constraints.  They are well respected and trusted – matching the Guiding Principles of MUSD.

    You may submit an application for certified substitute employment through the link below. When you have completed all application requirements, Smartschoolsplus, Inc. will notify the District of your interest. 

    You will be required to provide the following documentation during your application on-boarding:

    • Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card.
    • Valid Arizona Teacher Certificate or Substitute Certificate (as applicable for the position)
    • Passport (if not available; Drivers License, Social Security Card or Birth Certificate)
    • Proof of immunity to rubeola (measles) and rubella (German measles), or proof of MMR immunization (if born after 1957) (if available)
    • Direct deposit routing and account number

    Come join our partnership and make a difference in the lives of Maricopa’s students and community!

    To Apply with our District complete the Smart Schools certified substitute teaching position application.

    Substitute Teacher Daily Payment Rates

    $125.00    Long-term Substitute, after 20 consecutive days in the same classroom
    $125.00    Retired MUSD Teacher
    $100.00    Certified Teacher
    $90.00      Certified Substitute