Mrs. Shorette

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Degrees and Certifications:

"Undergraduate Degree: *Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - Illinois State University (Normal, IL) -Minor: Business Administration -Endorsement: Certified Mathematics Teacher Grades 6-12 Graduate Degree: *Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction - Concordia University (Chicago, IL) Certificates: *Arizona Department of Education Certificate: Standard Professional Secondary 6-12 Mathematics *Arizona Department of Public Safety – Level One Fingerprint Clearance *Arizona Department of Education Certificate: Substitute PreK-12 *Illinois Department of Education Professional Educator License: Secondary Mathematics"

Mrs. Shorette

I taught secondary mathematics in Minooka, Illinois for 7 years before moving to Maricopa, AZ in the summer of 2017. I am extremely passionate about teaching high school mathematics! My other passion is tennis. I coached boys' tennis and girls' tennis for a total of 9 seasons. Currently, I am not coaching which allows me to focus more on my students.

I pride myself with having a strong skill set to accommodate all students. In addition to my optimistic views and energetic personality, I am distinguished for remaining flexible throughout each student's learning experience. I understand that everyone learns differently, and I ask that all stakeholders (myself included) continually remain openminded as we progress through the wonderful world of education both in and out of the classroom. My educational background and years of teaching experiences have guided me to the highly qualified mathematics teacher I am today. Notably, it is when my intriguing character is paired with attributes such as my strong work ethic, positive attitude and continual professional development that it quickly becomes evident to others that I am invested in improving the quality of education.

My work is my passion! I hold myself to high standards, of which I continually encourage and motivate all of my students to obtain these high standards as they achieve educational success. My professional duty is not contained to the perimeter of my classroom. My teaching practices extend to applications of life, which aide students in developing skills such as reasoning, logical thinking and problem solving to ultimately, yet progressively prepare them to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors. Learning is messy, tireless and unpredictable, so be ready to get your hands dirty, prepare yourself to make mistakes along the way and allow yourself to embrace the unknowns you stumble upon during this bumpy ride ahead.

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