• Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 provides for individuals with disabilities in two major ways. First is the non-discrimination component that states districts are to include students with disabilities in activities and events that they would otherwise participate in if they were not disabled and to remove any barriers to access. The second part is to make the reasonable accommodations to the student's educational program necessary to provide a free and appropriate public education.

    If you need assistance regarding section 504 identification or eligibility, please contact the Director of Exceptional Student Services: Lindsay Stollar Slover at (520)568-5195.

    School Specific Section 504 Identifiers

    Butterfield Elementary School: Alan Gofron (520)568-6100

    Desert Wind Middle School: Barbara Mallory (520)568-7110

    Maricopa Elementary School: Dr. Jennifer Robinson (520)568-5160

    Maricopa High School: Lee Bryan (520)568-8100

    Maricopa Virtual Academy: Marcus Mitchell (520)568-5194

    Maricopa Wells Middle School: Jason Szoltysik, Laura Lopez and Danielle Baird (520)568-7100

    Pima Butte Elementary School: Elizabeth Allison (520)568-7150

    Saddleback Elementary School: Marchelle Hasan (520)568-6110

    Santa Cruz Elementary School: Stephanie Rhinehart (520)568-5170

    Santa Rosa Elementary School: Eva Safranek (520)568-6150