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Panthers Play and Display Music Skills 


May 4: The MWMS Orchestra and Bands performed at the Fifth Annual Music-a-Thon. They Panther Orchestra was first to perform and its respective renditions of their music was very well received. The orchestra played the following:

A Very Respectable Hobbit
Celtica - Featuring Abi Gindiri and Jo Anne Coronado Rivas
Castle Lore (Castles of Ireland) - Violin solo by Abi Gindiri, Cello solo by Jessica Bailin
Jupiter Theme (from "The Planets")
Viva La Vida


At the conclusion of their performance, Desert Winds and MHS also contributed to the concert with various renditions of their work. All three District Orchestras were then able to combine their talents and perform the score from the Avengers. For their effort, the crowd rose for a standing ovation.

Similar to the orchestra, the band (beginning and advanced) also performed to which the crowed enthusiastically cheered! They played the following:


Beginning Band

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow
Colors of the Wind from Walt Disney's Pocahontas
Cardiff Castle
Advanced Band
In Quest of Uluru
Comedy Classics
Highland Echoes - Flute solo by Kaytlynn Kellch
The bands were also combined with the entire District. The 2019 Spring Concert was a rousing success - and it will be necessary for all components of this artistic genre to raise the bar in 2020!


April 30: The MWMS Panther Choir was able to sing their was into the hearts of many at the Choral Concert on the MHS campus. The Panthers sang four songs: "Donna Nobis Pachem" (Latin for Give Us Peace), "The Pink Panther", and two songs by Queen - "Somebody to Love" and "Under pressure." The Choir was well represented with two soloists performing, Heather Grissom and Emma-Leigh Hunt, as well as those eighth-graders whose last performance at MWMS marked the end of a great experience. Ms. Hobt who puts an enormous amount of time into the preparation, was thrilled to acknowledge their effort. We rate the concert with 5-PAWS! Thank you choir for your hard work!