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CAC’s 14th Annual Middle School Math Contest

Last week, 11 students from Desert Wind Middle School participated in CAC’s 14th Annual Middle School Math Contest. The competition consisted of 3 rounds - initial qualifier, 2-person team, and individual final. More than 140 students from 12 schools in participated. MUSD students represents well...four of the final five contestants were MUSD students!

Math Team

Congratulations to Kenton Wilson (2nd place) and Robert Knorr (5th place).

Shout out to all our MUSD mathletes, teachers, and parent volunteers! You make us proud!

Desert Wind Middle School Mathletes: Nathan Alarcon, Chloe Armstrong, Abigail Barba, Delilah Dunn, Gabriella Fisher, Mara Fortunato, Robert Knorr, Brody Reed, Trevor Schroeder, Ronin Spaulding, Kenton Wilson

Teacher: Jackie Hahn

Parent Volunteer: Karen Fortunato

MUSD students in top five


Kenton Wilson won 2nd place